Sunday, November 8, 2009

My First Blog

So I was thinking today that I am only 6 months away from graduating college and being completely on my own. A kind of scary thought, but even more so when I realized that even though print journalism is now moving online I haven't really given much thought to what that would mean for me. So here I am, starting my first blog at 9:51pm in the vain hopes that it isn't too late for me. I'm not entirely sure what I am expecting to gain from this, experience I guess. But I think it is a pretty safe assumption that if I do get a job after graduation there is going to be quite a bit of online work involved. Whether that is just learning how to post to a website or maintain a blog of some sort (sports, opinion, etc.) remains to be seen. I'm not even really sure what a blog really entails. Is it supposed to follow a beat, or is it more like an online journal, chronicling an individual's life. Maybe it is a mixture...Well it is getting pretty late and I still have some homework to do. I guess I'll write more another day.

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