Monday, May 13, 2013

Veterans Camp for Families - Part 3 - May 5, 2013

Alrighty, should have had this up last weekend. I apologize, things got a little hectic...

For the third and final day of the Veteran's Camp, we gathered together after breakfast and headed into town for a boat tour on the Wisconsin Dells River. I must admit, it was kind of amusing to have two trailors each with a couple dozen people hooked up to tractors and driving through the town. Granted, it wasn't that far, maybe a mile, but it was enough. By the time we arrived at the parking lot, we had started a little parade. Behind the second tractor was a string of oh, probably 8 or 9 cars that were forced to slow down - presumably on their way to church - and wait for us to reach our destination.

We did get to disembark at Stand Rock and see a German Shepherd jump the gap at Stand Rock, as well as do some exploring at Witch's Gulch. I must admit, I think it is much more impressive that a human being made the five foot jump at Stand Rock. Not that seeing the dog jump wasn't impressive - because it was - but I think dogs have a little advantage in that department. (;

The Dells boat trip marked the end of the weekend for the veterans. After the tour we went back to camp, had some lunch and a gathered in a circle and just shared a couple thoughts from the weekend. I loved the fact that being with the older kids enabled me to share in the experiences with them. It was more like a vacation than work, to be honest.

Afterwards the veterans and their families began packing up and heading out, while the staff and volunteers - myself included - began cleaning the cabins. After helping strip the bedsheets from some of the cabins, I headed up to the larger cabin because I was told that usually took a long time to clean and the more people cleaning, the better.

I was joined by a couple other females there, and I must admit, I probably wiped down 40-50 mattresses to make sure they would be clean for the next campers. Of course that was when I was told that staff had already cleaned in there and all the work we had been doing for the past hour was pointless. I maintain that it was just that more clean for the next group of campers. Plus I managed to wipe up some stuff off a couple mattresses that I guess the previous person missed. We'll just say I'm very thorough. (:

I have to admit, I really enjoyed my time volunteering with Easter Seals Wisconsin, and if they will have me back, I would like to return in September for the next Veteran's Camp for Families. Who knows? Maybe next time I'll ask to work with the younger children. Variety is the spice of life...

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