Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Edgerton the center of Halloween invasion

**I am trying something a little different this week. To see photo cutlines, position the mouse over the photo.**

Photos by Rachel Wittrock

By Rachel Wittrock
Reporter staff

Edgerton is being invaded. Large spiders have begun teaming up for a roofside assault on an Edgerton home. Zombies have begun to claw their way to the surface. A mummy and his new
bride take up an observational post, watching locals as they go about their day, gathering information for their fearless leader. The mischievous yet lovable minions from Despicable Me have arrived in town, and have been spotted plotting outside another resident’s house.

Halloween may be a week away, but some Edgerton residents have begun preparing for the annual spookfest. From zombies to ghosts, mummies to minions, much planning and care has been put into the lawn decor. Many houses feature pumpkins on the porch, but a few clearly show a love for the spooky holiday.

The house that stands at 311 Marlboro Ave. could double as a Halloween shop. A large spiderweb stretches from lawn to roof, and oversize spiders prepare to make the climb. A skeleton riding a lawn mower is on the other side of the yard, and a skeleton head hangs from the basketball hoop. Tombstones, skulls on posts and skeleton warriors have been placed in the yard. Is this where the zombie apocalypse will begin?

The mummy and mummy’s bride are keeping an eye on everyone from outside 315 W. Fulton St. Or are they keeping an eye on their skeleton and pumpkin head children, playing nearby?
If you wander down Rollin St., you just might catch sight of seven of Gru’s minions. But watch out, a couple of them look like they might have a prank or two up their overalls. 

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