Monday, November 17, 2014

Touring New York City

OK, so I am just a little behind on blogging about Edgerton High School’s New York City trip. But with everything that went on, I have been a little overwhelmed. The second day of the trip, Sunday, Nov. 9, included a bus tour around New York City and stops at Central Park, Conservatory Gardens and a visit to the Strawberry Fields memorial to John Lennon.

Selfie with a street performer at the Strawberry Fields Memorial
There was a really neat moment at the Strawberry Fields memorial when the Edgerton students sang along with a street performer, then decided to take an epic selfie with the man.

Central Park was absolutely beautiful, although an hour is not enough time to really do it justice. As a photographer, my eye was drawn to the natural beauty of the spot. It is hard to imagine a serene, beautiful and wide open area like Central Park in the middle of a city which boasts a population of more than eight million people. And yet, we had a leisurely stroll and a beautiful day.

Conservatory Gardens was another breathtaking spot. We had but 15 minutes to check out the three separate gardens, which included fountains, trees...and tons of flowers. If I had more time, or if I lived in New York City, I could totally see myself going there on the weekends, sitting on a bench and reading. I did my best to capture the scenery, but it is just not possible to totally capture the beauty.

Allison Miller, Nikkia Johnson and Emma Tinoco at Conservatory Gardens.

After lunch at Shake Shack in Grand Central Station, it was off to see the Broadway production of “On the Town.” We were not disappointed. The singing and dancing was exquisite. I could tell immediately that the female lead had a strong dancing background. As it turns out, it was her Broadway debut, but she had indeed danced with the New York City Ballet. I must admit, I had no idea that those Navy guys were such good dancers. (;
Rockin' at Hard Rock Cafe
Dinner was at Hard Rock Cafe. The students ordered in advance, and rather than wait around and see if I could get a meal, I took the opportunity to take some night photos around New York City. I stayed within a few blocks of the restaurant, but I could not miss how alive the city became at night. And upon returning to the restaurant, I of course had to get my own picture in the iconic establishment. My inner rocker insisted.

The night ended “early,” as we returned to the hotel at about 8 p.m. That was mainly because Monday started bright and early, with our bus leaving the hotel at 6 a.m. That is when the real work will begin, with the students performing in the Band of Pride Tribute in Times Square.

Stay tuned....

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