Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Military flavor offered at Boot Camp run

The Army and Army Reserve team of Sgt. Mitroka, Sgt. Kersten, Sfc. Reveles and Sgt. Whitlow received top military team during the first ever Edgerton Hospital Boot Camp run.

By Rachel Wittrock
Reporter staff

Edgerton residents Janet Fandrey and Amy Hockenberry scale a wall.
Edgerton residents not afraid of a challenge could be found at Edgerton Hospital on Saturday, Sept. 14. The traditional 5K/10K run was held at 8:30 a.m., with the 5K walk opening at 8:45.

Approximately 60 of the day’s 137 runners signed up for the challenging new race, Boot Camp, which took residents over, under and through different military-style obstacle courses.

From monkey bars to walls, scaling up and over a cargo net held in place by two Marines and walking or running while carrying a bag of sand, the race, true to its name, gave participants a taste of military boot camp.

“I think the cargo net climb was the most fun obstacle for people because it is something the average person does not run into in their life,” Eric Stockman of Milton Family Recreation said. “I think after getting over it, they had a deep sense of accomplishment.”

Current military personnel mann-ed the different obstacles. Did you fall on the monkey bars? Go back and try again. Fall off the balance beam or use your hands for balance? Drop and do 10 push-ups. While the roughly 60 Boot Campers had the option to skip any obstacle, most chose to face the course.

Brody Butterfield decked out in Army camo
“The Marines said it was a great event for them to get out of the office and get a chance to support the local community,” Stockman said. “It [Boot Camp] is pretty much doing what they do in real life. They train that way.”

With categories for military, law enforcement and civilians, the 5K obstacle course run drew everyone from local military recruiters to individuals wanting more than the traditional run.

Dressed in camouflage shorts and a black Army T-shirt, the four-person United States Army and Army Reserves team of Sgt. Mitroka, Sgt. Kersten, Sfc. Reveles and Sgt. Whitlow captured the top team time spot.

The team Jeff and 5 College Kids captured first place in the citizen team competition.

Edgerton resident Janet Fandrey signed up for Boot Camp as part of a personal goal to do one race every month from April to October. The race was also an anniversary of sorts, marking one year since Fandrey embarked on her weight-loss journey. With her friend Amy Hocken-berry by her side, both in training and Boot Camp, Fandrey lost 30 lbs. and tackled the challenging course.
Janet Fandrey and Amy Hockenberry weren't afraid of a bit of mud.

And neither was I!
Although Boot Camp waves were scheduled to run from 9 a.m. to noon, no one was game to tackle the course in the afternoon. The final heat - a field of five females, including Fandrey and Hockenberry - took off at 10:30 a.m.

After two loops of the military course, racers had to wade or crawl through the water below the monkey bars, then crawl under a net through mud before getting their just rewards - pears, oranges and water - at the finish line.

“Everybody always thinks the event will not be for them because they have it in their mind what these runs entail,” Stockman said. “But in reality, it is fun for everybody. Everybody that walked away had fun. I saw a lot of extreme laugher when people crossed the finish line.”

Wondering what you missed? Check out this video clip from the race: 
Hope to see you there next year!

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