Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Catching up...

Well, I have been working at my new job long enough to get my first paycheck, and boy am I happy! (;

I must admit, Edgerton is a much smaller town than Sun Prairie, population around 5,500, but you would never know it with all the events going on. Chilimania, Thresheree, the Sterling North Book and Film Festival, Edgerton Hospital Boot Camp Run, a historic Tour of Homes...

My first day on Monday, Aug. 26 went well. I joked that my first day in Sun Prairie I met the mayor and was at St. Mary's when they saw their 10,000 patient. My first day in Edgerton I covered two Stoughton teens who broke the world record for the longest ping-pony rally - one serve lasted 8.5 hours! Imagine being in Guiness before you have graduated high school!

This past weekend I covered Chilimania in Edgerton on Saturday and then headed back to my old stomping grounds to cover Ironman in Madison. Edgerton residents Jedd Wellenkotter and Alan Severson participated in the 140.6 mile race. Wellenkotter was 52nd overall out of a field of 2,800, while Severson was 309th.

I'm going to give my blog a little facelift in the upcoming weeks. In Sun Prairie I would post links to my stories on the website. The Reporter has a PDF viewer on its website, so you have to subscribe to read the stories. I have nothing against that, but I will probably post one or two of my stories to my blog every week so those of you that follow me can read some of my work.

My first story will be the one on Edgerton Ironman Jedd Wellenkotter. Watch for that to pop up tomorrow morning!

What is on post for this weekend? Why none other than the Edgerton Hospital Boot Camp! I intend to tackle the 3-mile course, which includes military obstacles, dressed in my desert camouflage pants, a green T-shirt, hiking boots...and Army face paint.

Until next time!

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