Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 3: The trek continues

I’ll be honest, this was not one of my better days. I was so exhausted from yesterday that I was running out of energy and was really week. Drew and Tom took off with Justin to check out this Lava Rock area. The rest of us continued on the regular path. When we stopped for lunch, I ate quickly and laid on a rock to sleep. Well, I apparently slept wrong, possibly on my femoral artery because when I woke up, the oxygen got cut off to my left foot, and every step was agonizing pain. It felt like dozens of needles were being simultaneously stabbed into my foot. 

Yup, that's Kili behind me!
Our hike took long enough that some porters came down to take our packs...and I was not happy to have mine carried for me. I’m not going to rehash it, but suffice it to say, I snapped at Karen Klemp. I am not proud of it, but all these little tiny annoyances kind of built up, and I just snapped at her. 

I had to separate myself the rest of the night. I was so angry I did not want to go in the tent to eat. Even though all I wanted to do was sleep, Amy Martin was nice enough to bring me some food in the tent. She has been kind of a safe haven for me on this trip. I can talk to her and vent at night, and she does not judge me. For me, that is huge. I am not used to someone being so understanding and not judging, even when I am at my worst. 

One of the cultural differences here is showing emotions. While our hostess Elisa is not shy about laughing and having a good time, stuff like crying or showing pain is kind of hidden. I was in the tent crying when Cha Cha and Justin came to check on me, and both of them told me to stop crying. They did not seem to understand that is what I needed to do. It was like my soul was hurt and I needed to cry the pain out. Usually some sleep will make me feel better. 

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