Friday, February 13, 2015

Edgerton boys battle tooth and nail

By Rachel Wittrock

It was a game for the history books, the type of game that can create a legend or just wishful thinking. With three-and-a-half seconds on the clock, there was time for one more play, one more pass, one more shot.

Edgerton's Brennan Deegan put the ball in play, a pass to Dan Zeimet, located at the corner. Zeimet took the shot, the buzzer sounded...and the ball missed the hoop. The final score: 56-54 Whitewater.

While the Edgerton boys' basketball team may have come up short in the final seconds of the game, their performance in the last two minutes of last Thursday night's game had the Edgerton crowd on the edge of excitement.

With less than a minute left, Edgerton hoopster James Fox sunk a shot from the three-point zone, bringing Edgerton to within just 1 point of Whitewater and causing the fans to erupt in raucous applause.

Edgerton defenders block Whitewater's #22
The next 40 seconds crept by agonizingly slowly. An Edgerton foul allowed Whitewater's Brodie Runer two free-throws, with seconds to spare. Runer sunk his first shot, and with less than 10 seconds on the clock, Edgerton gained possession of the ball when Runer's second shot missed its mark.

Although Edgerton ultimately fell short, their strong performance in the fourth quarter made it a much closer match than anyone watching the first three quarters might have anticipated.

Whitewater outscored Edgerton 15-4 in the first quarter of the game. Whitewater's Josh Nast proved he was a major threat when shooting outside the circle. Nast scored 12 of the first quarter points when he sunk four 3-point shots. Teammate Bryce Parrish contributed the final 3-pointer.

Edgerton rallied in the second quarter and outscored Whitewater 17-13, making the score 28-21 at the half. The teams played evenly during the third quarter, with Whitewater widening their lead by just one more point.

Heading into the fourth quarter, Edgerton trailed 44-36. Edgerton player Jackson Erickson played a major part in the fourth quarter comeback. Erickson scored 10 of his 15 total point in the fourth quarter, including two 3-point shots. Jake Zeimet and Deegan also contributed four points each during the last quarter of the game.

Although Edgerton limited Nast to five points, and outscored Whitewater 18-12 in the fourth quarter, the initial lead proved too hard to overcome. However, the Edgerton boys also proved they know how to work together as a team. In addition to Fox's 15 points, Deegan contributed 13 points, Braden Youngman scored 11 and Jake Zeimet added 8 points. In addition, Dan Zeimet sunk a 3-pointer and Michael Tate added four points to the board, all during the second quarter.

The Edgerton Boys Varsity Basketball Team will play Jefferson on Friday at 7:15 p.m. at home.

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